Solar Tackle’s Martin Locke catches a beast

Solar Tackle’s Martin Locke has returned from a spring trip to Rainbow Lake, where this impressive 64lb common topped a 7-fish tally in some tricky conditions. Martin explains: “The eagerly awaited spring time trip to Rainbow brought with is less than favourable conditions this time around. My weeklong session was spent on the Island swim

FeedStimulants customer has a fantastic session

Regular FeedStimulants customer Daniel Green recently sent in a catch report using boilies that he made up using a recipe that they had posted up on their Facebook page a while ago.  The recipe is included in the photo and most of the ingredients are available on their website Daniel was fishing a big

Latest issue of Anglers Mail

THIS week’s print copy of Angler’s Mail magazine exclusively reveals Britain’s favourite carp!     Andy Browne, the Mail’s ace all-rounder, shares his top tactics to catch fish in the edge. You’ll boost your catches, for sure!   Also inside the must-read Angler’s Mail magazine this week:   Angler’s eyeball shattered Otter-eating proof Dick Clegg match

A fantastic session for Solar Tackles Jake Anderson

Solar Tackle Team member Jake Anderson has landed three near 40lb UK carp in one weekend from a Mid Kent Fisheries water, landing both of his target fish, and all while out testing some new bait samples for the first time.  Jake explains: “I arrived at the lake after work on Thursday afternoon for a 48-hour

Filtered lake water for your tea or coffee?

How many of you carry huge bottles of water with you when you go fishing for tea, coffee or cooking?  Anthony has been fishing for nearly thirty years and plays around with bushcraft too, quite often ending up combining his two favourite hobbies. Now you may wonder what bushcraft has got to do with fishing,